Experience Shea Butter
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Shea Butter By the Pound, One Pound Bags of Shea Butter $15.90 per bag.


Grab attention, save more money, and get the highest quality! Order shea butter in a calabash to maintain the freshest shea butter possible. Africans have done it for years, now you can join in the tradtitions. Now you can get the 1 lb. Bags of shea butter at a lower price than any elsewhere! It comes raw and unpackaged, and is one of our top 10 best-selling goods! Shea butter is the new must-have item, providing your skin with unmatched moisture and healing properties. Shea butter can be used to heal scars and blemishes, moisturize, or even as a hair pomade! The uses are endless, enjoy today at a bulk price you can't beat!

Shea butter can be used to help give you soft feet, you should use it all over their feet (a generous amount) cover you feet with socks and sleep overnight. Once they wake up your feet will be soft and can also help get rid of toe fungus. Shea butter can also be used on babies for a diaper rash ointment. Made in Ghana.

Shea Anti-Aging Wonder with Mango 4oz. $19.90


Turn back the signs of time! Discover younger, more luminous skin in days with anti-aging wonder from Africa! Made with a precise blend of the self-regenerating and healing 'Oma (super grade of Shea); this product exfoliates dead skin cells, stimulates cellular activity, and swiftly rejuvenates new cells. 100% Oma Supergrade Complex. Clinically proven to erase: Aging signs, Wrinkles, Stretch Marks Uneven Skintone.
Anti-Aging Skin Care Set $49.90


Reverse the signs of time! Get all you need for youthful, glowing skin with this anti-aging skincare set. Each set has rejuvenating dead sea bath salts, skin-clearing dudu-osun soap, cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, and more! Zap away the fine lines and wrinkles with this all-natural set. You'll be looking younger every day instead of older.

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